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Soporte Mesa Tv Monitor Dv1223Tn2 Dos Brazos Negro

79.29€ 87.61€

Sin IVA 65.53€
  • Marca: SATYCON
  • SKU: 3PTAA
  • EAN13: 8435460227230
  • Disponibilidad: Agotado



Soporte de mesa para pantallas planas de 13" a 27" y hasta un máximo de 15kg de peso por brazo. Permite configurar la inclinación de +/-60° sobre el plano vertical y con un ángulo de giro de 360º sobre el plano horizontal.

Compatible con los formatos de fijación de pantalla VESA 75x75 y 100x100 mm.

Fácil y Rápido.

Incluye manual de instrucciones y kit de montaje para que en unos minutos pueda disfrutar de su TV o monitor en el lugar elegido.

Innovative desktop PC monitor desk riser that mounts Samsung, Acer, Viewsonic, LG, Dell, HP, Asus, AOC, eMachines flat panel LCD and LED displays from 13" to 27" (13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 and 27 inch monitors). Compatible with VESA 75 (75 x75 mm) and VESA 100 (100 x 100mm). VESA pattern is the square bolt hole pattern behind the monitor and measures typically 3 inch by 3 inch or 4 inch by 4 inch.

Dual arms are height adjustable on the vertical pole. Single arm can articulate in three different locations for best positioning of the screens. Each monitor can tilt up or down 15 degrees, swivel 360 degrees and rotate 360 degrees. Rotating the monitor holders allows landscape or portrait positioning. No need to remove the monitors to change positions.

Improve the ergonomics of your office workstation by raising to monitors to an ergonomic height on your desktop, depending on your sitting position. Avoid neck, shoulder and back pain by improving your posture. Articulating arms gives you the freedom to turn the monitors to another person to share your screen.

Heavy-duty design supports up to 22 lbs per monitor. C clamp base has integrated double lock that ensures stable mounting onto the desks. This multi-monitor stand can be mounted on tables up to 4 inches thick. Arms come with clips for cable management.
Mounting two monitors side by side, over the desk will improve your productivity by preventing the need to switch screens for different applications. It will also clear up space on the desktop for your keyboard, laptop or other items. Depending on the user and desk height, this mounting bracket can be used for standing desk applications. The pole measures 17.5 inches.

Dual arm monitor mount allows you to clear out your desk space, while providing ergonomic monitor installation height. Economical and dependable, mechanical monitor arms allow several height options for placing your monitor in the best ergonomic position, while offering more desktop space.

Dual Monitor Desk Mount for Any Desk

This well-engineered, articulating desk mount is one of our best sellers. The heavy duty dual C clamps secure the mount to the edge of the desk. No drilling required. The double link swing arms that support the monitors can be adjusted on the vertical tube for the best height adjustment. Articulating arms allow swivel function up to 360 degrees with 15 degrees of tilt at the mounting panel.

High-quality materials used at the joints allow for fluid movement, without the need to locking it in place. The arms and the base come with integrated cable management feature. Cable management system keeps cords organized.


Built with heavy-duty aluminum and steel alloys to ensure that your 13” to 27" monitors will not sag. Constructed with a thicker grade of steel compared to other desk mounts sold on Amazon, which makes our mount more durable, with its rigid reinforced c-clamp and plates.

The monitor can be installed in either portrait or landscape mode. The mounting panel can rotate to interchange from either of the modes. Lateral roll adjustment feature ensures the monitor is perfectly level after installation.
Easy to install and sets up in minutes. Kit includes the mount, hardware kit and installation instructions.

It is the ideal desk mount for office, reception areas, hospital, retail environments. Buy with confidence.